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This calf has his "serious biznass" look on his face. His name is Douglas. He is a year old and in cow-world that is still babyhood. He knows his name, which impresses visitors. I call to him, and he comes running, legs akimbo, head bobbing, smile on his face. He is adorable until he tries to mount you, then less so.

He is from the dairy industry, a discarded male calf. Of the five calves rescued, we picked two to come to Animal Place. The rest went to another sanctuary. Douglas won me over when, despite his trauma and fear, he came up and sucked on my hair. Win. He is a troublemaker and you can blame me for that.
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On Photography


I went out and took photos yesterday. I had not done so in a long time. Francis chewed cud for me. And now, you.

There is a camera I want, but I am afraid I want it only because it is more expensive and better than my current ones. They are good cameras, but it's amazing how quickly the digital age puts a 2, 3, 4 year old camera to shame. And well, a good camera, a good lens, does not make you a great photographer. I could become a great photographer if I spent my life committed to this small, burning passion of mine. But I won't right now, so I'm a happily decent snapper of one-eyed cows chewing cud.

When I was younger, I lugged around my dad's Minolta. In high school, I would stand transfixed in the film section of my local pharmacy store, trying to pick out the best film for the shots I wanted. I could carefully remove a used reel from my dad's camera, beneath a black cloth, and transfer it to a canister tank for development. Those were precarious seconds, when cherished moments in time could be deleted from this earth forever. 

They may not have been my best photos, but those black and white pictures I developed with my own hands are some of my most precious. 

I love the digital age, to be honest. I love snapping a bazillion photos and not worrying that I will become penniless from spent cash on wasted film. I love gazing instantly at these snapshots. LOVE, people. It's a childish wonderment - that what I see can (imperfectly) be transferred to something permanent and shared with everyone else. That sometimes I catch real, honest to goodness emotions in the faces of nonhumans....so powerful that others can see it too. And that sometimes, in a rare brilliant light, my photo tells a story. Those are my favorite.

My dad's Minolta is still alive. It works perfectly well and is probably older than I am. 

Dakota Looking Handsome
Did you know Dakota, the turkey, can alter his bloodflow to those bumpy caruncles on his neck and snood (long dangly thing)? That his coloration indicates his mood, his feelings? He is in a dapper, good mood in this photo.
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Christopher Columbus was an asshole.

There, I wrote it.

He did not discover North America, for one. There were already people living there, so obviously it was already "discovered".

What did he do?

He enslaved the native population. He raped their young girls. He kidnapped people and shipped them to Europe (and during that ugly ship trip, most died). He allowed his men to randomly behead people, beat them, cut of their hands, implement "tributes", test their blades on people's body parts, rape, pillage, etc. ad naseum.

The guy was a jerk. I don't know if he was a jerk by 16th century standards, probably not. He was human, and he explored a lot, but he introduced so much trauma, devastation, and cruelty to so many of the native peoples in the Americas.

Nothing to celebrate.

So I'm going to celebrate Mina. Because this is how she would have done it:

Upon landing, she would have presented this visage to the native people:

Smiling Mina #pitbull


If that failed, she'd obviously have to get serious:

Mina is sad, per usual

And put a freaking squirrel on her head. WHO CAN RESIST?

But let's say they DID resist (wtf is wrong with them, you might ask), well, then:


You are a failed people if that doesn't move you to tears of sadness and joy.
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I just bashed my head on a shelf and learned how much a head can bleed. A lot, for such a minor wound. 

That is all. Livejournal, you're welcome.
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In which I re-emerge

for a spell.

Not much to say, really, since I last posted a year ago. Since I have a permanent account, I feel obligated to at least make an annual post.

Mina is still an old cantankerous bitch, and I love her more than I can put into words.

Celeste is still a freak of nature.


Celeste never takes a normal photo

I'm just plugging along.
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I know it's been awhile.

Chloe, the second foster puppy, has been here more than a month and I desperately want to keep her but won't...for a lot of reasons. She has two possible adopters she'll be meeting on Sunday. So hope for the best for the little whipper-snapper.

Also, Tommy says hi. He is sweet like that.

Tommy Tomkins
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For the first time in my conscious 30-yr existence, I woke up to snow. SNOW. Mina and Celeste were horrified - it was their first snow too. They refused to touch it.

(I say conscious, because I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan on December 24th in the middle of a severe blizzard, but I don't 'member much of that).