rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Open lure coursing in my backyard :(

Not literally in MY backyard (Mina would not take kindly to the massacre of rabbits in our backyard).

However, this legal bloodsport is occurring about 2-minutes from the sanctuary where I work.


"The dogs love to run." It reminds me of the dogfighter on Off the Chain, wearing a ski mask to hide his identity who tells the camera "I love my dog" as he sends her into the pit. But while a dog can at least defend himself from another dog, a rabbit has no defense. And there is no purpose. The rabbits are not taken from the field to be used as food, these people aren't starving or in need of rabbit fur mittens. Their dogs are healthy and in no need of nourishment. The carcasses of the hares are left to rot in the field, unless a lucky coyote comes by. And I'm so ashamed that many of the owners are from Napa. Eww.

A greyhound can enjoy running without brutally killing another living being. I'm so thankful my boss is who she is - she contacted all of the sups, attended the agenda meeting & is talking with Rep. Hancock about getting this abhorrent practice outlawed in California.

Tags: animal rights
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