rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Doggie icons

I have two more customizable icons available.
Option 1

Option 2

1. Maximum of two icons per request
2. I am not changing the color combinations for these particular ones, so they remain as is.
- The first icon is a dark green background with a gray overlay, and a green border.
- The second icon is a dark red background, your dog's picture as the second layer, and a lt yellow overlay
3. Text is (you may pick a differen colored font)
- First icon: your dog's name
- Second icon: is love
4. Do not hotlink! If you do, I will be forced to sic my dog's stuffed T-rex upon you. It won't be pleasant. So, please upload to your own computer.
5. Please credit rinalia (it makes Mina happy).

My source for the texture overlays is: 30yearwar
Tags: dog icons
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