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Netflix Reviews

Mystery Science Theater 3000: I Accuse My Parents, 1993  - in which some dorky adult gets himself mixed up with the wrong crowd and then accuses his parents. All of this is made tolerable by two robots and an earth dude stuck in a spaceship.
Amelie, 2001 - could the cuteness factor be raised any higher? Not when you have Audrey Tatou in  film - she takes quirky adorableness to a new level. In this french film, she plays a waitress inspired by a box in a bathroom to a lot of random acts of kindness. There's romance, humor, and intrigue galore!
Castle in the Sky, 1986  - i cannot comment because i returned it before watching it. bummer.
Peacemaker: Vol. 1: Innocence Lost, 2003  - this anime ended up being a lot funnier than I thought. there are samurai, samurai-wannabes, a totally awesome pig (see icon), ninjas, sad stories, endearing characters and otherworldly "stuff". 
Super Size Me, 2004  - hilarity ensues. seriously. i'm not sure i could be a vegan chef and date a guy who plans on eating mcdonalds every day for a month. eww. In any event - watch it.
Zathura, 2005  - in which a board game transports two bickering brothers into outerspace (along with their house and sister). they have to fight crazed lizard aliens, avoid being smashed by meteorites, and ignore all the laws of physics and such (it IS just a game, i suppose). i liked jumanji better.
Memories, 1996  - This includes three anime shorts by three acclaimed directors. All three are strange stories - one follows the crew of a spacecraft as they investigate an apparently haunted space vessel (with a really creepy woman traipsing about), the other depicts life in a warmongering society brainwashed into believing their sole purpose in life is to load up the canons and fire them off into space, and the really bizarre tale of a low-level employee at a pharmaceutical company who becomes a walking biological weapon after ingesting what he thought were cold (or headache) pills.
Peacemaker: Vol. 2: Of Swords & Strength, 2004  - the enjoyable anime continues. :)
Azumanga Daioh: Vol. 1: Entrance!, 2002  - could an anime be any funnier? It could try, but it would fail. This is one bizarre, totally enjoyable series chronicling the days of seven high school students. Hilarity follows.
Peacemaker: Vol. 3: Gunning for Trouble, 2004  - *ahem* yep, i shall repeat myself - the enjoyable anime continues. :)
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