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No offense, but these dogs were doing their job. Don't get me wrong, I don't think dogs should be used to guard property all willy-nilly. But, this isn't some out of the blue dog attack - an idiot decided to jump the fence of someone else's property and encountered three dogs on the job. End of story. It sucks he died, but he was breaking and entering, he was trespassing, and had the misfortune to trespass on the property of three agitated, territorial dogs protecting their turf.  

Man killed by three pit bulls at Compton business

COMPTON, Calif. (AP) - A man was mauled to death by three guard dogs after jumping the fence at a metalworking company in Compton this morning.

Authorities say the man -- whose identity has not been released -- suffered severe head and back injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital

The dogs, all pit bull mixes, attacked the man after he jumped the fence at the Cal State Steel Company in Compton at about 5-30 this morning, according the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Security guards who heard his screams called 9-1-1.

Sheriff's deputies arrived to find the man badly mauled and still under attack. They say they were able to order the dogs away without using weapons.

The dogs are at a shelter in Downey. They will be quarantined until county animal control officers decide their fate. 



Apr. 10th, 2006 04:35 am (UTC)
!@£$%^&*! Seriously, this is ridiculous with a side of appalling. If Kaisa were to attack someone trespassing on MY property, I'd give her a treat. Aggression without reason I do not condone, as you well know, but someone harassing me or entering my property without permission is plenty of reason. Even though I'm alpha, she's part of the pack and she has a right to defend it.

Plus, the report says they were able to be called off? These are NOT dogs "out of control," these are dogs doing their job. I say good on them!

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