rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Justified shooting!

That is correct, it was. Don't try to argue with me about the justification of It. If you do, I'll shoot you 26 times too!

That's right, folks, some trigger happy Bronx police officers went *justifiably* gun crazy when a pit bull ATTACKED! 

And it was TOTALLY unprovoked, so the four police officers pumping 26 bullets into a dog is totally justified.

How was it unprovoked? I'm glad you asked. Well, you see there was this guy SMOKING POT. Smoking pot is a serious offense that requires four police officers to kick down the door of an apartment that didn't even house the suspect. Then, this totally crazed pit bull, responding to someone kicking the door down, bit the person doing the kicking. That's not cool and completely unprovoked. Seriously.

Officers were SO shocked by the dog hanging off the officer's leg that they just started shooting. They manage to hit the dog 26 times, and also managed to shoot several other officers in the process! Good job NYPD.

According to police chiefs, NYPD procedures were followed! Is that supposed to make me feel safer? Because if their manual includes shooting an immobile dog 26 times and anyone else who happens to be withing a five mile radius, well they might want to rethink their procedural manual.

As for the pot smoker, he turned himself in a few hours later.

Tags: news, pit bulls
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