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Behold! I bring you chickens

:) I know at least one of you on my flist will appreciate some chickens. You can even come to the sanctuary and cluck to them. ;)

This is Lucia. She was part of a flock of 41 birds who had been left to fend for themselves in southern California. They come from the same neglect case as our potbellied baby boys - a guy had six potbellied pigs, didn't spay/neuter them, and in two years, he had over 300! The birds had to be netted because they roosted in trees. Their nails were in pretty bad shape, but all in all, they were really healthy. And they are the feistiest birds EVAR!

This is Ruby. She is one of two red hens who we "exchanged" with another sanctuary. The other sanctuary took some of our peepers. :)

This is another one of the 41 birds. She does not have a name. You may name her, if you like. :)

Another of the feral birds. No name, either. I like how this pic turned out. I was just sitting down with the chickens, letting them get used to my presence. I turned around, and there she was peering up at me. Snap, perfect shot!

This is one of the Gilroy girls - she came from an egg laying facility in Gilroy, California. She was one of the lucky 2,000 saved from slaughter. The other 178,000 birds were slaughtered almost a year ago. I still have nightmares about the factory farm - it's hard to convey the horror of these places.

This is one of our Katrina peeper girls. She was rescued from a Mississippi factory farm after Katrina came through.

This is Danny. He is a foo-foo-la-la rooster.

This is Killer. He is actually a banty, so barely reaches above my ankle. :) He is low on the pecking order, so he takes his frustration out on people. He has no qualms taking on human beings - and he can kick! He was also Phyllis' mate.

The ever-present, ever-annoying ground squirrel. These guys are so fricking brave, they actually will take food out of our hands. Bleh. I mean, yeah, they are super-cute, but when you have over five hundred of them ...it's scary. The chickens used to peck them and try to scare them off, but they grew tired of it; there are just too many squirrels! :) Now they sit and eat grain together. Nice.

I have some super awesome pictures of goats that I will post later. :)

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