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Tsunami Relief Agencies

List of agencies accepting aid to help those in Asia and Africa.

Sorry, I am not doing a cut for this - I think it is too important to be hidden behind words. If you can spare money, great, if not - please just add some positive thoughts to the world, especially those hit hardest by the earthquake and subsequent tsunamies (or is it tsnuamis?).

I have added information I could find pertaining to the financial aspects of the following charities.  The parenthetical notations following the titles of the charities indicate, if applicable, their ratings by Charity Watch/American Institute of Philanthropy (http://www.charitywatch.org/) and/or their percentage of funds that go to their programs found by using BBB Wise Giving (http://www.give.org/reports/index.asp#F)

Let me make this clear: Those agencies that DO NOT have parenthetical notations and/or ratings does not mean they mismanage their funds in any manner, shape or form.  It only means I was unable to acquire the necessary information, but I will try and find more information by looking at the websites themselves.

AmeriCares  (rated A by Charity Watch)*

Action Against Hunger

Children Inc (rated A- by Charity Watch)*


American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Association For India's Development

CARE  (rated A by Charity Watch)*

Catholic Relief Services (Rated A- by Charity Watch)*

American Red Cross (Rated A+ by Charity Watch)*

Brother's Brother Foundation (Rated B by Charity Watch)*

Christian Childrens Fund  (Rated A by Charity Watch)*

Church World Service (Rated A- by Charity Watch)*

Direct Relief International  (Rated B by Charity Watch)*

Doctors Without Borders <-- Experiencing heavy traffic  (Rated A by Charity Watch)*

Food for the Hungry  (92% of funds go to program expenses)**

International Aid

International Red Cross/Red Crescent <---Experiencing heavy traffic

International Medical Corps

International Rescue Committee <-- Experiencing moderate traffic (Rated A by Charity Watch)*

Lutheran World Relief  (Rated A+ by Charity Watch)*

Map International  (Rated B by Charity Watch)*

Mercy Corps  (Rated B+ by Charity Watch)*

Network for Good

Operation USA

OxFam America  (Rated A- by Charity Watch)*

Plan USA <---Experiencing moderate traffic (85% of funds/donations go to programs)**

Project Concern International

Save The Children (Rated A- by Charity Watch)*

UNICEF <---Experiencing Heavy Traffic

UN World Food Programme <--Experiencing moderate traffic

World Concern  (Rated B by Charity Watch)*


World Vision(UK) (Rated B by Charity Watch)*

Mennonite Central Committee  (Rated A by Charity Watch)*

Music For Relief (won't go live until Wednesday)

American Jewish World Service  (Rated A by Charity Watch)*

American Friends Service Committee (Rated A- by Charity Watch)*

*Charity Watch rates charities based on percentage of donation (60% +) sent for relief as well as the amount of money it requires to raise $100 (no more than $35)

** According to CBBB Wise Giving Alliance




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Dec. 29th, 2004 06:03 am (UTC)
Thanks for the list-- I'm crossposting to other places.
Jan. 1st, 2005 04:50 am (UTC)
Great, I hope it helps other people decide on the best charity to donate to...or it at least makes people aware of the options they have.

Happy Holidays!
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