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Dog Faire Photographs

Following are pictures from a local event that our sanctuary tabled at. I spent little time at our table, because I had to go schmooze with all the dogs available for adoption at the event!
Meet Lacy

I came *this* close to adopting this dog. THIS CLOSE. Lacy is a year-old pit bull who is the calmest, most docile pit bull I have met. She crawled into my lap, rested her head on my shoulder and "hugged" me. The whole time, her tail was gently swaying, and she was just mushy love in my arms. I asked about her, and her foster mom told me that she is aggressive towards other females. Normally, I would not have even considered a female pit bull for me and Mina, but if there is ever one like Lacy who is non dog aggro towards females, I'll snatch her up in a heartbeat. Even though she is dog aggro - she is incredibly well-mannered, ignores the other dogs, and is not a lunging, frothing dorkwad at the end of the leash.

I am hoping she gets a wonderful home, as is my hope for all the dogs up for adoption. :)

Lacy, mush head, sleepy-eyed love.

This is crazy Gavi up for adoption too. She's a little over a year old, has no leash manners, loves other dogs and is pretty darn fond of people.

I cannot remember her name, but her facy was way too fun to moosh around. Which I did. Extensively. And she took it like a champ.

Then she schmoozed with my camera.

Weimie Rescue was there with some great dogs.

Weimie Rescue also brought a pug...who worked the camera.

Tucker, the collie.

This is Bo, a Schipperke - it used to be common practice to immediately kill all the white Schips b/c it was an undesirable color.

This is Bo's "sister", Gretchen - a super photogenic Schip.

This was the only decent pic of Zeus, a cane corso I got. It annoyed me that this guy showed up with his intact Cane, brandishing his "business card" depicting puppies available for purchase. When I mentioned I had a pit bull, he immediately gave me a card telling me all about the Cane puppies they have. I returned it, smiled and said "Sorry, I only adopt".

Greyhounds are LOVE.

And so are their tongues!

Sighthounds are the best panters. They go ALL OUT when panting. This pup is a therapy dog.

Perdy BC - agility and therapy dog.

A cute lab w/ impeccable manners.

Short dog with perdy ears and face.

Woe is short dog. Woe.

This is Bobby McGee- he's a Cairn terrier. He was miffed I kept taking pictures of the Boston Terriers (below), and kept nudging me. After I took a few of his pictures, he immediately ran off to go drink some water. :)

Boston's ARE LOVE.

Princess Angel King Charles Spaniel Dog.

NorSled was there with a couple carting dogs.

She was super photogenic.

OKAY. Now begins the semi-rant. They also had the Vacaville's police dog come to the event.I will be honest right now, police dogs make me wary and nervous. I have been around several, and none have been *in my opinion* behaviorally sound dogs. Just petting them can become a life-threatening challenge. The ones I have met have also been notoriously dog aggressive, often lunging and snarling at other dogs. People may claim "but they're working dogs, it's okay for them to be schizy" - uh-huh, since most of these dogs LIVE with people, with families, I'm not buying that ploy.

This police dog would not listen to the out command. She would not let go of the sleeve. This is not the kind of animal I want parolling the streets.

This is the dog, and the handler is desperately trying to get the dog to let go of the sleeve. The dog was far too intense, neurotic and unapproachable, for my tastes. He had to choke/hang the dog, scruff the dog, then yell the out command several times before the dog reluctantly released the sleeve. I don't mind an intense working dog, but I do not care for a working dog who has no "off" switch, who cannot "intensely" lie down in a stay while a woman with a sleeve walks by...most of all, I do not care for that type of dog being a police dog.

Then, I met Argus.

Argus is one of the most handsome GSDs I have met. He is a Sch. dog, and I talked with his owner a bit about Sch and police work. Argus is incredibly well-behaved, appropriately intense, but VERY approachable. He can do what police dogs do, but he knows how to release, isn't nueortically intense when it comes to work, and is a well-rounded dog. If Argus was emblematic of all police dogs - wowsers, that would be fantabulous. As it stands, I pray for anyone's body parts unlucky enough to get in the way of our city's police canine.

Another one of Argus.
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