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My Sexy Dog, Mina

Well, maybe "sexy" isn't the right adjective, but I like how it rolls off the tongue.

A friend sent me her dog's Sense-Ation harness b/c her dog didn't take to it. Now, Mina doesn't really NEED a training harness or anything, BUT 1)I wanted to see if she looked cute in it and 2) FREENESS (though now I gotta think of something to send in return, *le sigh*).

Look at that freaking face? Cute much?

This is her way of giving me the finger, but just in case I might take her "fuck-off, you annoying paparazzi" seriously, she coyly turns her head a bit.

To the right of Mina is one of her favorite toys - stretchy legs the brainless (thanks to Mina) "tiger" (b/c anyone's guess is as good as mine when it comes to identifying what the hell this creature is).

Go Mina!
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