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Netflix reviews

Whoa, so I've been seriously lax in my psuedo-reviews of movies I have watched from Netflix.

Let's start with the most recent:

American Dreamz - in which popular culture and the presidency is thoroughly mocked in a brilliantly done manner. Rec'd? Most assuredly.
An Inconvenient Truth - in which we learn, hey! global warming is happening and fast. Good visual representation, nice way of just laying out the facts. Rec'd? Absolutely. My only gripe with the film is that no emphasis is placed on lifestyle choices - cattle account for more methane & CO2 emissions than cars, hog lagoons account for a large portion of algal blooms and large fish kills...but it is minor gripe. :)
Like Water for Chocolate  - in which passion and lust is confused for love and romance, and there isn't enough chocolate. At all. Rec'd? If you like to watch a depressing film with a sad ending, yes. Otherwise, no way.
Who Killed the Electric Car? - in which we learn who is guilty for the decline and smooshification of really adorable and small battery-run vehicles. Rec'd? Yes.
Shall We Dance? - in which an older fella gazes upon a young lass in a dance studio and decides he must learn to dance. Rec'd? Yes, if you like cute romances with some humor
Howl's Moving Castle - in which a  young hatter is transformed into a geriatric 90-yr-old by an evil witch, then must break the spell while falling in love with a sorcerer with giant blue eyes. Rec'd? If you like Miyazaki, you'll like this film. However, it was sometimes difficult to follow, and it was unecessarily long.
V for Vendetta - in which England has taken over the world, and some genetic experiment gone awry is out for some serious revenge. Oh yeah, Natalie Portman's in it, and she loses all her hair. Rec'd? I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I thought it would have been just fine without the gratuitous sprays of blood.
Transamerica - in which a guy yearning to become a woman discovers she has a teenage son to take care of. Rec'd? It was a touching look at what must be an incredibly difficult transformation.
Must Love Dogs - in which you discover that dogs don't play as much of a role as the title implies. However, Diane Lane and John Cusack are always adorable to watch, so yay for them in the same movie. Rec'd? It's a goofy, romantic comedy. So yeah. :)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Touch of Satan - in which someone is touched by satan and then is mocked by robots & a human on a spaceship.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Wild World of Batwoman - in which we learn there are some movies that even MSTK 3000 cannot salvage. Rec'd? NOOOOOOO!
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Monster a Go-Go - in which a nuked-out guy in a space suit wreaks havoc upon the earth.
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill - in which we learn the fascinating relationship between a psuedo-homeless man and a flock of parrots. Rec'd? YES!
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