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Three New Iconaroos

 <--- How freaking cute is angry little monkey creature!  His name is Chu Chu and he is a big eater, I mean BIG EATER.

I made three new icons all by myself, muhahaha. Ha.  They graphics are all from Revolutionary Girl Utena (my new obsession, whoot).

Of course, all the real work goes to the artists who made the original graphics but I don't know who they are, so I will congratulate myself on making the icons, heh.

The other two are:


Whoa and touching up pictures, like removing unwanted background color, is a real pain in the ass!  It took my forty five minutes to remove all the background coloring from chu-chu's original picture. The second pic of Utena (the third icon) - it took me an hour to remove the background and touch up around the edges.  Now I can see why people get so protective of their touched-up images - it isn't hard work, per se, but it takes a butt-load of time to do.

That is all, yay.

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