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Driver's License

So, my license expired on the 24th.  The DMV neglected to send me a renewal number, so I had to drag myself down to the DMV and wait in line.  It took about forty minutes, but I finally got to meet one chagrined DMV employee.  Now, I lurved my driver license picture - I was sixteen, all happy-go-lucky and SMILING in my picture.  It was a damn nice picture.  But, because of the DMV's negligence, I had to get a new picture.  *sigh* It sucks.  My new picture, that is.  Might as well be my mug shot.  If I get arrested, I am just giving them  my license picture and tell them to use it for their records.

Okay, it isn't THAT bad, but I could have at least smiled.  Well, I recall smiling, but apparently that occurred after the picture was taken.

On a brighter note, the DMV sent me my license within a week and a half of visiting the DMV - they said 3-5 weeks and voila! a week and a half later comes my mug shot...erm driver's license.

That is all. 

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