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Bandit: Dossier of a Dangerous Dog - Excerpt 7

Title: Bandit: Dossier of a Dangerous Dog
Author: Vicki Hearne
Page: 233
Notes: Hearne is a lover of words. She shows her love by writing a prodigious number to convey a point. Sometimes this is enjoyable, other times it is difficult. Regardless, I adore this book for its insight on dogs and society. This passage is one of my favorites. Ghetto is used in an "old-world" sense, referring to those who have been separated by society - like many pit bull owners (at least when in public with their dogs, or trying to find homes permitting their dogs, or places to live allowing their dogs). I always make it a point to greet pit bull owners and ask to meet their dog. None have tried to eat me. :)

It may be that you are one day approached by a Ghetto Dweller, or some other sort of Inhabitant, and a pit bull. If this happens, the thing to do is to ask the Dweller the dog's name. The Dweller will promptly say "Fido," because it takes a seasoned professional handler to resist the opportunity to say a dog's beloved Name. When the Dweller says his dog's name proudly, Fido will as likely as not look up at him and wiggle, releasing the pressure on the leash. This will give the Dweller a chance to straighten up and relieve his aching back. It will be a kindness.

And kindness - dear reader! Kindness these days is everything.
Tags: quotes
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