rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Excerpt 11 - Doctor Rat

Source: Doctor Rat, William Kotzwinkle. Page 15

"Doctor Rat, Doctor Rat..."

A young female calling to me from her cage. She needs my special counseling, as she's all in a tizzy about the bandages on her belly. "Yes, my dear, are your bandages too tight?"

"They cut a hole in my stomach!"

"Yes, of course. It's so that they'll be able to insert a plastic window there in order to watch your embryonic ratlings develop."

"I hate it! I'll gnaw it off! I'l bite through the bandages!"

"Please, my dear, don't be hysterical." I must say she's not showing the scientific attitude at all. We've got to have that window there, so that we can insert a thin hair through it and tickle the little ratlings as they grow inside her. It's part of a new program, for which I'm preparing extensive notes. A great deal can be learned by tickling an embryo with a hair, but naturally only the most advanced graduate students are qualified for such tickling. How, then, can we expect this female rat to have any appreciation of the fine points of the Stomach-window Program? Nonetheless, it is my duty to make her more receptive to the learned hair.
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