rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Excerpt 11 - The Age of Missing Information

Title: The Age of Missing Information
Author: Bill McKibben
Page: 75-76
One of my favorite quotes!

A move like Benji the Hunted, which was on the Disney Channel, presents the forest as a place where, in the space of a day, you encounter and must vanquish mountain lions, wolves, grizzlies, badgers, and so on right down Noah's list - it is a car-chase flick with animals. (And as impossible in its outcome as most car chases - Benji, a domesticated dog, has somehow retained the instinct necessary to outwit every predatory mammal of the North American continent, while acquiring a remarkably un-Darwinian compassion for the young of other species.) How disappointing, then, to go for a walk in a healthy Eastern woods and see so few bared claws.
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