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Excerpt 14 - By These Ten Bones

Source: By These Ten Bones, Claire B. Dunkle. Page 55.
Notes: I just get a kick out of the description - "Oh, yes, there's a poison and the wood and water needs elemental consumption because his cheeks are flushed. Mix together lots of crazy shit, force feed and restore some humor to his life - the guy's way too drab for his own good." Or something like that.

Lady Mary stepped into the weaver's house and knelt down by the settle to examine the carver. "His fever is very high," she reported, "but there is no flush to his cheeks. A poison is locked deep inside his chest, drying up his blood. The element of water and wood will be consumed, and only earth will remain. I'll make you a mixture of herbs to brew and pour down his throat. Force him to drink as much water as you can. It will push the poison out through the skin and restore a balance to the humors of the body. Once it begins to work and you see him perspiring, keep the fire hot and pile blankets on him. Change the bedding frequentlyand wash it in clear water to dissipate the poisonous exudations."

"I knew you would know what to do," sighed Fair Sarah in relief.
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