rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Excerpt 16 - Bones Would Rain From The Sky

Title: If Bones Rained from the Sky
Author: Suzanne Clothier
Page: 49

The dog is a dog twenty-four hours a day. His world is shaped by what you say and do, not just in training sessions but in every waking moment he is with you. Incapable of dishonesty in his own communications, a master of observation, the dog not only notices what you do, but he believes what you do to be an accurate reflection of the relationship between you. The relationship - the pivotal point on which all else turns - is built (or undermined) in every interaction. There are those who recoil from this, saying 'That's too much work!" In so saying, they admit they have no desire to put so much effort and time into a relationship with a "mere" dog. But for those who have the desire, those wh owould dance with a dog as their partner, this reality is a welcome opportunity to use every moment with awareness and purpose.
Tags: quotes
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