rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Excerpt 17 - Norah's Ark

Title: Norah's Ark
Author: Judy Baer
Pages: 207-208
Notes: I don't rec'd this book. Too much God stuff. Too much stupidity regarding animals. But, it has a pit bull mix in it (though some of the commentary makes me groan) and it is a cheesy love story and, for some unknown reason, I'm reading it. *sigh* I liked this excerpt a lot - I never want to see my parents in a nursing home. Ever.

When did we quit respecting age and begin making old people disposable, like tissue or paper cups? Why is it that when an elderly person has something happen to them, we immediately start talking nursing homes or care facilities?

Granted, the elderly don't have the resilience that younger people do, but they should be given a chance to decide for themselves if they're capable of carrying on with their own lives. Age and illness make us uncomfortable, I think, and many of us work on the premise "out of sight, out of mind" where the elderly are concerned. I want the elderly to be given the chance to make their own decisions as long as they can.
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