rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Excerpt 22 - For a Few Demons More

Title: For a Few Demons More
Author: Kim Harrison
Page: 175
Notes: Just as a reference, half the human population was killed off by mutated tomatoes. The chaos resulted in the "discovery" of witches, vampires, pixies, fairies, werewolves and other inhuman creatures who had been living amongst the human population. More to the point, humanity was left with an irrational fear of tomatoes. But some humans have discovered the "thrill" of tomato consumption and our heroine, witch-extraordinairre is off to dole out the goods.

"You want to take his ketchup?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah." I strode into the pantry, coming out with the gallon jar of super-super belly-buster hot jalapeno salsa and the big red tomato I had gotten him as a surprise. Pulse fast, I headed for the hall, a gallon of salsa on my hip, a tomato in my hand, and a pixy on my shoulder.

Yeah, we bad.
Tags: quotes

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