rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Excerpt 24 - Dog's Best Friend

Title: Dog's Best Friend
Author: Mark Derr
Page: 322

Even people who want to do good sometimes make a botch of things. A man or woman collecting strays ends up with so many animals that he or she can no longer afford to feed, walk or care for them. They turn the house into a putrid dog yard. A story, perhaps apocryphal, tells of a woman in New Jersey who had more than thirty malnourished dogs in her house when local animal-control officers raided after numerous complaints. She was told by the court that she could keep no more than three animals. She soon had thirty or more, and again her house was raided. She was sent for treatment to a mental institution, diagnosed as being lonely and depressed, and told by her doctor to get a dog.

Tags: quotes
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