rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

A moment in the life of Mina

It is very melodramatic and cry me a river sad. And it isn't in color. It's in sepia. Please feel the overwhelming melancholy Mina exerts. 

Plus, my minion was incapable of spelling "sad" correctly in the lj cut, so now it says "ad". Poor, pathetic Mina's minion.


If only I could cry, a waterfall would splash from my amber eyes. It is hard being me in sepia. Real hard. Especially for my pink nose of DOOM who is no longer pink but a tinge of brownish something or other.

I look away in shame, for I am sad.

If you wish to send me cookies, please do. They will make me happy. It's true. Please?

Tags: mina, mina pictures, pictures
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