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So, Bush wants all those "outlaw regimes" to be (whether they want to or not) democratic - how very Democratic of Dubya.

And what is an "outlaw regime"?  I mean, seriously, I don't see any bandit regimes treking across the world with their pistolas drawn and shooting up banks.  I just don't see how a regime can really be an "outlaw", but I suppose that is an issue for semantics, not El Presidante (or me for that matter).

Further, who makes this whole "outlaw regime" list?  Poland?  North Korea?  France?  Iran?  Saudi Arabia (only if we want to lose loads of money)?  Or how about Uzbekistan - now that's a frightening country, just on its name alone.

And if there is a "regime" that could be considered "outlaw" (i.e acting beyond the realm of "law") - well, HELLO, doesn't the United States' current regime headed by King George fit the bill?  Methinks so.  But King George didn't ask my opinion on the matter.

there were thousands of cheering supporters, many of whom paid to get good places to see the parade.

Lousy way to use your money.

And the price of the stupid inaugeration? 40 million dollars.  Yay, I get to help pay for that.  Thanks El Presidante.

Oh yes - I need a pooper scooper for my dog.  I am sick of using those overpriced, wittle blue bags Petco sells.  I will have to invest in a handy-dandy, poopery-scoopery.

That is all.  For now.  Seriously.

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