February 3rd, 2009

Animals - chicken love

Modest Mouse & Leland

Sunday, Feb 22nd at the fox theater in oakland. FOR THE WIN. Well, we'll see if they are for the win or not.

We buried Leland in the poultry enclosure (as an aside, I'm very sore from digging). Alive, he was larger than life, a telltale sign that all was well in the chicken house, tail feathers fanning proudly and tall. Dead he was small and vulnerable and so very gone. Death does that to all of us - equalizes.

Funny - peas


Six gratitudes, in no particular order:
I am grateful for:
1) Mina, bringer of toys: Every time I open the door, Mina is standing there proudly with a toy in her mouth, tail wagging, happy eyes a blazing. I taught her this behavior as an alternative to jumping up and head bonking me. She learned it after three "open door, HERE HAVE A TOY" lessons and, after seven years, she still does it.
2) Good books: I am reading The Dispossessed by Ursula le Guin. It is hard to put down. She has a true gift with words. I heart her.
3) Xena: Warrior Princess: Netflix has Xena on demand so I'm all down with the girl power. It is campy fun.
4) My parents: For just being them.
6) Vegan macaroni and cheeze made by my mom with yum yum brussel sprouts (yes, I love them).