February 16th, 2009

Books - tea, Tea - books


I am grateful for:

1) Rain, even if it brings out the stupid in drivers
2) Calculators, because I just can't do that kind of math in my head
3) Pancakes, especially with grade A maple syrup, a cup of coffee and a roaring fire (in the fireplace, no less)
4) Email, because I really don't like phones
5) Cow socks, as nothing says "you're cool" as much as a cute cow smiling up from your feet.
6) Cocoa butter because Yum! (except don't eat it).
Mina - awesome

Dogs got new collars

Spent way too much money and got Celeste and Mina each a new collar.

Also, for those of you who love the Mina and Celeste Chronicles, you can check out Celeste's opinion on the new collar business at the blog here.