February 24th, 2009

Animals - Sheeps!

Sheepie update; Celeste demoted

Today I feel blah. Been working all morning on trying to find homes for those 19 roosters in so cal. Also grant writing? Yuck.

The little sheepie isn't doing so well. I don't really think she'll make it, but I'm trying to be hopeful. Send some positive good-ewe vibes her way, if you can.

Also, Celeste has been demoted to #3 favorite dog after she tried to steal Mina's food and Mina just let her. Which is so unlike Mina who really thinks food is HIGHEST PRIORITY NUMBER UNO ONE!
Animals - Sheeps!

Sheep girl euthanized

Sheep girl was euthanized. She never got up after, at least, four full days of being down. She had to have her bladder emptied with a catheter and didn't eat, pee or poop today. It's a mystery as to what's wrong with her as she had so many different symptoms that could indicate a myriad of different things. We're having a necropsy done, maybe that will reveal something.

I'm so sorry we couldn't help her. I'm even sorrier that it's unlikely her owner will face any charges.