March 5th, 2009

Funny - Look! Stupidity

Misheard lyrics

I am an unabashed fan of The Faint. They sing about geeks, for cripes sake, they must be good, right? Right.

Anyway, for the longest time (I'm talking years here, people), I kept thinking one of their songs included Panacur. I thought it was cool because I know Panacur, I've used it on dogs and with other animals. A lyric I could actually relate my work to!

In context, it even made sense.

My lyrics:

The threat of a disease is here
We nipped it once with Panacur

All hail Panacur for its disease-healing, paranoia-eliminating properties!

Actual lyrics:

The threat of a disease is here
We nipped it once without a cure

That is all.
Mina - awesome

Sadie on salt

My relationship with Sadie cow has now progressed to the "I like to lick your hand" stage, which in bovine friendship is good. 

I ignore the fact she is a salt fiend.

Confession time: If there was one animal at the sanctuary who I would seriously consider stealing, it's Sadie. She would not fit through my apartment's doorway, but we do have a lot of overgrown grass she could mow. And Mina; she likes Mina (except when Mina tried to dress up as her). She's probably ambivalent about Celeste.

In any event, I love Sadie. Fact.