August 18th, 2009

Mina - awesome

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There is a certain kind of irony in Australia's plan to cull 2/3 of the feral camel population.

There are approximately 1 million feral camels in Australia. Their ancestors were brought over in the mid 1800s because of desert conditions. Sheep are also an imported, non-native species brought over in the late 1700's.  There are between 100-120 million sheep in Australia.

Camels eat less and conserve more water than sheep. They drink less than sheep and goats. They eat less per their body weight as well.

Sure, camels are nonnative. So are most of the humans on Australia. And the sheep. The latter two, so far, have caused a lot more damage to the land and consume more water than camels.

So, while I agree camels are probably causing some annoyance to farmers, I am not buying that they are the primary problem species nor am I buying that shooting 2/3 of them is going to solve the water issue in Australia.

Mina - awesome

Mina update

So the vet thinks she probably pinched a nerve. Mina got a chiropractic adjustment and we also went home with some muscle relaxants and pain meds. I'll just be keeping an eye on her, making sure she doesn't have a recurrence. If she does, I can give the muscle relaxants and pain pills. I think I'm still going to add some glycoflex to her diet. We'll probably go in a week for another adjustment. Mina took it like a champ. I love her so very much.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and kind thoughts. It's nice knowing people care about her. :)