rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina and beach lessons

There are many lessons to be learned from the beach. And from playing on it. And swimming in the ocean. And so on. Mina would like to share these life lessons with all of you.

Life Lesson #1: We are all but little canine units in the big, salty ocean of existence. Please watch out for pinching crabs and dead seagulls - they may try and trip you. This is rude. (But you are above all that - roll in the dead seagull, show it who is boss).

Life Lesson #2: You must always smile at people, especially if they are your favorite adopted-aunt. She will often have cookies, kind words and will even scratch your butt. But you must smile. Always smile.
Life Lesson #2a: Remember - you are the center of the universe. Make sure all pictures relay that fact. Humans should not interfere with the awesomeness that is you.

Life Lesson #3: Sometimes, you must be annoying in order to get your friend's attention. Please avoid body slamming your friend, because said friend finds this rude and will bite you on the nose. It will be your fault.

Life Lesson #4: Even worse than a bite to the nose, is the flagrant "I'm ignoring you while sticking my tongue out at you" behavior your friend may exhibit. Be the better dog. Stick your tongue out right back at them, but do a playbow as well. This will mitigate any unforseen evilness on your friend's part.

Life Lesson #5: Pick friends who look less cool than you while running. Otherwise, you will have a picture like this one. And your minion/owner/guardian/lackey/humom/hudad will share it with others. You have been warned.

Life Lesson #6: The ocean is for you to pounce upon. You may be surprised to discover Life Lesson #7.

Life Lesson #7: Holy crap! The ocean is big. It has waves that will eat you and chase you and sometimes try to maul you. Be careful with your pouncing - the ocean may pounce right back.

Life Lesson #8: Smile. Yes, I mentioned this earlier, but that was in relation to people. It is important to smile for the sake of smiling. It makes you feel good, and sometimes tasty bugs fly RIGHT IN YOUR MOUTH! This is a sign that Life Lesson #8 is working in full force. (Avoid eating bees - that is another Life Lesson that shall remain un-named and unmentioned at work).

This has been brought to you by Mina Rules the World (or at least her side of the bed) Productions.

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