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some pics from the clinic

We neutered 222 dogs and cats in four days! It was hard, sometimes painful work - every day was 11-12 hours of nonstop animal care. But it was totally worth it!

Of course, I ended up bringing back a dog to foster. She was dragged in covered in ticks, lethargic, mangy and slightly emaciated. Her name is Celeste (pronounced: so-less-tay) in honor of her big blue eyes and she's 3-mos old. She annoys the crap out of Mina. Mina annoys the crap out of Celeste. It's fair.

Hello. I'm Celeste. I have sharp teeth and I'm not afraid to use them. Don't mess with me.

 See? Sharp teeth. I will attach them to your pink nose. And then I will eat your legs and tail and collar and ears. I am puppy, hear me roar.

There were tons of pit bulls all doing their part showing off how awesome these dogs can be. With one exception, all were extremely in love with people and gave lots of kisses and smiles to anyone who noticed. Mexico has every breed we have in the states - Dalmatians, Retrievers, Shepherds, Huskies, Poodles, Chihuahuas, Bichons, Bassets, Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc. ad naseum. And, of course, the classic Mexican street dog - like Celeste.

Healthwise, the dogs were a mix. All had severe tick infestations. One Rottweiler had over a thousand ticks - we just put the advantix on, as it was pointless to try and remove them all. Erlychia, a tick-borne blood disease (treatable) is more common - we lost one dog to a massive bleed-out because of the disease. Sarcoptic mange "runs" rampant - we send dogs home with revolution to treat it. Dana, a gorgeous Boxer, was found by a local guy (dogs just arrive at his home) without any hair and covered in crusties. But she always wagged her nubbin.

Anyway, all around a wonderful experience. I worked with Compassion without Borders, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.



Basset Hound rescued from the streets

The camp was held at a school - which only had three, tiny buildings. Every morning, a line of dogs would greet us. Four vets (three American, one Mexican) did a great job of spaying/neutering quickly without compromising the health of the animals.

This is Charly. He smiled. A lot. And he had an underbite. I wanted to steal Charly. :)

This is Dana. It's hard to tell, but she has no hair, and she is just one big, itchy scab. With a wagging nub.

Little mangy Chihuahua tied up outside.

We brought this puppy back. He's close to five months old and weighs 12 pounds. Shockingly, the owners wanted him back, but we convinced them that he was in better hands with us. He had a ginormous, swollen foot and his ears were covered with ticks. We're not sure if he'll make it, but he's currently recuperating safely in California.

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