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Help protect kangaroos

For thirty years, California has taken a stance against the importation and distribution of kangaroo skin. For the past several years, shoe companies have tried to pass legislation lifting that prohibition and permitting the sale and possession of kangaroo leather (specifically for soccer shoes).

SB 880 would lift California's 30-year ban. It has passed the Senate and will probably be voted on in the Assembly next Monday, the 16th. If it passes the Assembly, the only hope of stopping the bill is if the Governor vetoes it.

Background: Hunting of kangaroos occurs at night. When mothers are killed, their young are taken from the pouch and clubbed or bludgeoned to death. According to Australian statistics, the kangaroo population is rapidly declining - it is currently half the size it was in 2001. There is no reason to open up another market that would only increase the number of kangaroos slaughtered.

Supporters of SB 880 claim that the law would prohibit the importation of protected kangaroo species. Several protected species are similar in appearance to unprotected species and since hunting occurs at night, there is no way to accurately guarantee the animal killed is unprotected.

You can Help!
We have several things you can do to help the kangaroos.

Call the Governer's Office
The absolute easiest action you can take is to call the Governer's office and register your opposition. It's all automated, so you do not have to talk to anybody. It only took me 30 seconds! :)

The number to call is: 916-445-2841
For English, press #1
For legislation: #2
For SB 880: #1

E-mail your Assembly Member, asking them to OPPOSE SB 880
Find you legislator: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html

Write or e-mail a letter to the Governer, asking him to VETO SB 880 if it passes
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

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