rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

chocolate heaven, mina, possible codec help

Chocolate soy ice cream + vanilla soy  milk + almond butter + frozen grapes + ALL BLENDED TOGETHER + two scoops of chocolate soy ice cream = HEAVEN.

It's true.


Alright, so my current working theory for Mina is that she is either going through a detox or has a tiny blockage. I fasted her for 24-hours since yesterday. I have fed her two very small meals today of cottage cheese + chicken broth + probiotics followed by some papaya/digestive enzymes (which fyi are the best inventions EVAR). So far, she has not thrown up either meal (crosses fingers and toes). 


Random techie question. I use BitTorrent a lot for downloading anime - the majority of the files are .avi. Every time I play these files, and it does not matter which viewing program I use, about 5-15 minutes into the show, the sound goes out and the "film" speeds up so that everything is going super fast (like fast forward). I think perhaps I need some codec or something but am not sure - anyone have ideas or experience with this utterly irksome phenomenon?
Tags: food, mina, mina health, veganism
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