rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

I noticed

that I write "just saying" a lot.

I was also perusing older/ancient entries, and I marveled at my ingenuity and witty dialogue (with myself, usually). I need to bring the wit back, yo.

Just saying.

In other news, Mina has a gimpy left foot. Being the essential oil guru that I am not, I rubbed a mixture on her foot and am hoping for the best. We're also inhaling some clary sage and clove oil. Not literally but via better living through aromatherapy. Let us all pray and hope that Mina's foot is better by tomorrow morning so her mother does not need to spend another several hundred dollars in vet bills. 

I'm also on restricted membership with my library. Apparently, when I was in Mexico, I neglected to return four books and chalked up a $7.00 fine. It's my all time record. I haven't paid it yet, either (but I have returned the books). This restricted access label has put a damper (funny) on my reading bonanza. I suppose I will traipse down to the library tomorrow (or one day) and pay off the "EXORBITANT HOW WILL I PAY RENT?!?" library fee.

Tags: mina, reading
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