rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

A conversation with my neighbor

Me = Me
SN = stupid neighbor (but said in a nice way)
Wilson: Pit Bull Puppy

Me: "Ahh, Wilson looks so big and handsome! How old is he?"

SN: "He's 10-weeks, I think he's going to be huge! Hey, I heard something from the breeder."

Me: "Yeah?"

SN: "He said pit bulls turn on people every three years."

Me: *blank stare* "Huh?"

SN: "Yeah, apparently they just snap and turn on people. Every three years."

Me: *uncomfortable chuckle*

SN: "So, how old is Mina."

Me: *stare* "Nine."

SN: "And she hasn't turned on you?"

Me: "Arms present, check. Legs, check. Torso, check. Head, check. Guess she hasn't."

SN: "See, it's all in how you train them."

Me: "Uh-huh, yeah sure."

I am overly impressed with the incredible stupidity people possess. For real.

Tags: funny encounters with stupid, neighbors, pit bulls
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