rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

When dogs walk.

The cast:
Me: Me
Mina: Mina
Celeste: PEAPOD Celeste
W: Walker. Of doom.
Okay, so I made up the dog dialogue, but the part with the walker is 100% truth. Scary, huh? And I do talk to my dogs on our walks (scarier?)

Me: Mina, stop peeing on every blade of grass and rock particle. Seriously.
Mina: *ponders* Um. No.
Me: Argh. Celeste, stop trying to meld with Mina.
Celeste: Oh my god! Did I get close to melding? I've been practicing!!!! Twenty five trillion cookies for me!
Me: God. Help. Me.
Celeste: G-O-D = D-O-G. I'll help!
Mina: Ha! You're idea of helping is to eat people. It's not useful.
Celeste: Pshaw. Just because your idea of helping is to eat their food doesn't mean I don't rule!
Mina: You don't rule.
Celeste: Oh. Fine.
Me: That's it. If you two don't be quiet and keep walking, I'm going to leave you here at the park.
*at the same time*
Mina: SWEET!
Celeste: OH MY GOD, I'LL DIE!
Me: .....
W: Wow, pretty dogs.
Me: Thanks.
W: Are they related?
(Celeste: *whispering* See? I've totally mastered melding! Even this weird guy see is!)
Me: Um...
W: I mean, they look related.

Me: Really? Well, no they aren't related. 
W: Oh, they just seem so bonded.
Mina: We ARE NOT bonded. She's just annoying.
Celeste: Am not!
Mina: Oh, you SO are.
Celeste: I am SO not.
Mina: Are too!
Celeste: Are n...
Mina: Whoa, she's in a mood.
Celeste: Yeah, she's got puppy missing syndrome.
Me & Mina: What?!?
Celeste: Ya know, PMS. It's when humans miss awesome puppies like me. But don't worry, humom, I'm like right HERE! 
Mina: *glares* Minion, I am seriously reconsidering our contract. This CREATURE over here is annoying, has no concept of personal space and chews on my fricking ears!
Celeste: You know you like it.
Mina: SO?
Celeste: I'm just saying my humom rules, dog spelled backwards is god, and I'm a puppy who has nearly mastered the ancient mysical art of melding.
Mina: Our minion does not rule, I do. Diputs spelled backwards is how you're acting, and if you try to meld with me one more time, I am afraid I will have to eat you. Or at least chase you around the living room.
Celeste: Can we run around like crazies in the kitchen and bedroom too?
Mina: Yes.
Celeste: You're on.

And with that, our intrepid trio made it home without too many injuries. A massive zoomfest occurred in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Marji (Me) managed not to lose any body parts, Mina restrained herself and didn't eat Celeste, and Celeste ate paper. Life is good.

Tags: celeste, mina, mina and celeste chronicles
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