rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

I finally uploaded the most recent pics of Mina from my digi camera. :) 

Cross-posted once or twice or thrice. :)


Look at those cute ears!

Aww, I think she believes by closing her eyes, no one can see her. :)

A bird peaked her interest as birds often do.

No, she isn't being snooty - 'tis her classic "smell everything" pose.

I lurve this pic - it makes Mina look all thoughtful, which is so far from the truth. 

The little pipsqueak next to Mina is Daisy. She is a Fox Terrier/BC/something-or-other mix. :) The sanctuary where I work runs a Mexican dog rescue, and Daisy was one of the rescues. She was found with her mom in an abandoned building. In the pic Daisy is about 9 weeks old. She is now in a safe, loving, permanent home. :) Mina found her to be both a nuisance and a half-decent play-mate (though the ankle biting got on Mina's nerves, as it did mine). I am pretty sure Mina, in this picture, is begging me to save her from the evil patchy-eyed terrier puppy from heck.

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