rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Personalized notebook icons.

I'm in an iconmaking mood. Of Doom.

I have three notebook templates that you can choose from. 

1)Please submit no more than TWO photos. 
2) Each respondent will receive TWO icons. Please do not ask for more (or, if you do, offer me a cookie first).
3) Please indicate which template you would like for each photo - A, B, C (please make note of C's requirements).
4) After I make you an icon, please credit me for the icon (it's not the end of the world if you don't, just so you know). :)
5) Upload icons to your own photo-hosting site.

For text, I would prefer names only. If you have a pithy, short word you want placed on the icon INSTEAD of a name, I can do that too. But no long discourses on world affairs, please. ;)

A.   B.

Please note: Icon C is only good for a) scenic shots with dog small or b) cropped face w/ only half of face showing
For iconmakers, the notebook textures are from here: notebook textures by
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