rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

I am NOT in denial of the truth

That's crazy!

So, Bush announced that all those pollutin' countries gotta get in line with this whole global warming stuff.

Bush whines that the Kyoto protocol is 'unfair'

Bush doubts he'll watch an Inconvenient Truth citing words "too big to understand" (just kidding).

In 2004, it seemed that Bush wasn't all that interested in climate change...noting that we needed "more research". Nevermind that the entire (or thereabouts) scientific community had plenty of research.

"Hey, denial is a river and I'm ruler of the universe, take that climate change."

And boy, do those pr folk LOVE this quote

"The president noted in 2001 the increase in temperatures over the past 100 years and that the increase in greenhouse gases was due to certain extent to human activity," said White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino." - Date: September 1, 2007

White House science adviser John H. Marburger III has denied charges that the administration refuses to accept the reality of climate change, noting that President Bush pointed out in a 2001 speech that greenhouse gases have increased substantially in the past 200 years. Date: October 27, 2004

But, wait, let's go back in time to 2001, when I was 20 and Celeste was like negative 6. A panel from the National Academy of Sciences said a leading cause is emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.

And what did the White House have to say about that? Glad you asked. "Responding to the report, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said Mr Bush "takes extremely seriously what we do know about climate change, which is essentially that there is warming taking place".

Warming is taking place. No shit.  God, I really dislike this man and his administration. A lot, really.

I'll let Will Ferrell's speak for Mr. Bush.


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