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Of loose dogs and scratched trucks

On Friday, as I drove home, two loose pit bulls trotted in front of my vehicle. I slammed on my brakes and avoided hitting them. Mina, in her infinite wisdom and glory, let these two dogs know how awful and rude and ugly they were. She voiced her opinion loudly - the result was two ornery dogs circling my truck.

One dog lunged at Mina's window in a silent, stealth maneuver that lost its stealth when the dog banged her head hard on my window. This caused Mina to become super irate and she snarled insults that would make any sane person cringe.

The other dog apparently confused me for Mina and he decided to leave scratch marks on my door while he barked, growled, and showed off his pretty white teeth to me and my window.

At this point, I'm ready to run both dogs over and be done with it (just kidding). I slowly turned into an alleyway, with both dogs trotting alongside the truck. I find a place to call AC or the police. As I try to get Mina to shut the hell up, the dogs waver between pissing on every bush within a five mile radius and making sure we don't magically escape.

Here's a tip, dear readers - have your local animal control of sheriff department pre-programmed into your phone. This way, you can avoid the shockingly stupidity of a 411 information "assistant" who cannot spell properly. Okay, I'm being harsh, it was hard for the operator to hear me over Mina's whines and barks of "Your mama was a rhino" directed at the loose dogs. Thankfully, I knew the sheriff number and was about to dial it when a large SUV with two men in it arrived. 

They were the owners. Instead of the dogs running happily towards them, the two dogs ran in the opposite direction. Fascinating. I drove off and left the owners to it. I wasn't getting near those dogs. Mina finally calmed down. And Celeste? She had been staring cluelessly off into space, which made me love her very much. Mina made me love her very much when she kissed me on the cheek, turned to stare out the window and sighed dramatically at her missed chance of beating those two dogs up (which she would have failed miserably at, by the way).

These two morons (not Mina and Celeste, fyi) are Reason #1 why I find myself annoyed with a good chunk of the dog owning population. The fact both dogs were intact and the female had been bred were added bonuses to the burning desire to poke their owners with pointy sticks.

In other news, Mina helped me convince a loose spaniel/curly-haired/mongrel of a dog to stop playing in traffic. The dog, a cross between a sheep and poodle, ran happily over when Mina yelled at her for crossing the street without looking both ways first. At first Mina was unsure of how she should deal with the rather exuberant creature, so she settled for smacking the dog over the head with her paw, performing a playbow, then choking herself as she attempted to run away on leash. A phone call later (the dog had an id tag) and Misty the miniature poo-sheep-aniel was safe in the arms of her overjoyed owner (who explained that Misty had determined screen doors were for chewing and escaping from...). Mina is a weird canine who makes life more enjoyable. 

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