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Letter to the editor: The Stuff of Life

The stuff of life


Re "Official regrets support of hunt," Sept. 19: I suppose it's apropos to label a dead-animal museum "natural history." At the rate humans are going, the planet's natural plant and animal species will be history.

Yes, Alexander Gonzalez, president of California State University, Sacramento, should have known better, but it is not his support (or subsequent withdrawal) that should be at the heart of this debate -- it's the idea that hunting animals to stuff and put on display is OK.

Why can't we appreciate the intrinsic beauty and wildness of these animals through video or photographic footage? Better yet, appreciate the diversity and wonder of local animals by visiting a state or county park.

- Marjorie Beach, Vacaville


Letter was in response to a Sacramento Bee article in which CSUS President Gonzalez realizes he should probably read letters of endorsement, especially when it involves the hunting and killing of endangered species.

I've always been baffled by the idea of "natural history" museums in which stuffed, formerly alive animals are put on display. I don't get the fascination nor do I have any inclination to see these displays.

I like live animals. No stuffed deer can replace seeing a fawn nurse or take her first steps. No fake birds beats seeing a kestrel propel himself swiftly to the earth in order to snatch up a quick meal. And there is nothing better than standing amongst ancient trees, breathing the dew-laden air and watching an alligator lizard sun himself on the rocks. No "natural history" museum can replace being IN nature.

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