rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

"Why anyone would enjoy seeing two dogs tear each other up is beyond me." - Jasmine, age nine.

My boss had her niece's girl scout troop come out today for a tour. Holy crap, I feel like there is hope for the future. At least one of the girls was already vegetarian, and all had a clear love for the animals and our work. They were inquisitive, perceptive and fascinating creatures (I'm not a real kid-person). I could talk to them at an adult level and not feel like I was talking down to them, it was fantabulous.

My faith in humanity has thus been redeemed. I shall abstain from the news, talking to my neighbors and remembering where our animals come from in order to maintain this faith. And I will also pretend I did not see two people having nekkid sex at the park while I was training Mina. Seriously. It's out of my mind, for real this time.
Tags: animal place, quotes
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