rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

"Oh, wow. You look 16!!" - Megan, age 10 after she asked my age (I'm 26). Some children are love.

In other news, I think Celeste has sighthound in her - motion makes her crazy happy. I bought a laser pointer from PetEdge for 2 bucks and Celeste loves it. When I say love, I mean obsessive lust. Mina tried to get in on the action, realized it was a fricking LASER POINTER and quickly jumped on the bed to glare at Celeste for her stupidity. Celeste could care less. Walls, bookcases, beds...all were made to be run into while chasing a red point of light. I love Celeste eternally. :) Mina rules too - I squished her head in utter joy because she's so rule-worthy.

Tags: celeste, mina, quotes
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