rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

isabelle update again

On Monday, I received the call.

"Isabelle stood up."


She's not in the clear, of course. The vet is coming out tomorrow for another acupuncture treatment. Izzie will probably receive 10 more.

She hasn't walked. She's only gotten up three times since yesterday. BUT, she lunged and tried to attack one of the other pigs through her fence. That is WAY more like the Izzie I know than the super-sweet talking pig of the past week. It gives me hope that she'll be able to overcome this.

We're not sure if she'll regain full movement. If she's still happy go lucky, melodramatic, finnicky Izzie-boo, we'll do our best to get her in a stall with indoor/outdoor access and just take it day by day. I have a feeling she isn't going to completely recover. The only blessing with this pig is that she's a loner - she doesn't really like the other pigs, likes to hang out alone, and so she wouldn't be that freaked out by living alone. Some of our other pigs would literally die from the isolation.

Thanks to everyone who sent Izzie good vibes. If you have any more to spare, feel free to send them to the Izz-meister. She's been such a strong, big pig. :)

In other news, excellent dinner = tomato soup w/ non-melting vegan cheeze and bread for dipping. A glass of pinot grigio complements nicely.

In other other news, my two dogs are freaks of nature. That's all.

Tags: animal place, isabelle
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