rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

cat with a death wish

Once or twice a month, I visit my parents. They have a backyard called God Lawn by the dynamic duo. It has grass and space and things to run into. Every evening, it also has a cat. The cat is a brown tabby who was possibly dropped on her head as a kitten or who is suicidal. Alternatively, she could be an adrenaline junky who realizes Mina is a crappy huntress.

Case in point. Last night, I let Celeste and Mina out to pee. Mina immediately runs over to the climbing jasmine and engages in some sort of tussle with the plant. She meant to go at it with the cat hiding in the bush but ended up mauling the plant instead. Mina did not notice the cat had jumped on the fence was staring down at the thrashing dog. I dragged Mina away, flashed a light on the cat to make sure Mina didn't actually do anything and the cat just stared at me, perfectly fine.

Mina had not peed when she went out to wrangle the plant, so I waited ten minutes to see if the cat would go away. I yelled at the cat. I gesticulated wildly at the cat. Yet she remained. I let Mina out who promptly walked over to the jasmine plant and gave it a good whack upside its tendrils just for good measure. Then she peed. The cat sat and stared, sometimes at me and sometimes at Mina. 

I'm baffled by the cat. I'm afraid she's going to keep thinking MIna really sucks at chasing her and is going to be on the receiving end of an attack. Mina would most likely drop her if she landed a good scratch or bite, but by then, the damage would be done. I'm frustrated that people think it's okay to let their cat run loose, leaving me to deal with the fear and potential guilt of a dog attack. I should not have to inspect my backyard for a cat before I let my dogs out to pee. 

Plus, I know the cat is in our backyard hunting. I have little tolerance for the needless slaughter of birds and mice. So little, I'm tempted to trap her and send her to the shelter, except I don't want her killed. At the same time, when we start putting out seeds for the winter birdies, I don't want the cat killing them. We've had cat problems before - one cat who kept killing off the neighborhood quail in our backyard. Some won't like this, but after finding a destroyed nest of baby quails, I let Mina chase that cat away. He never came back (I did have her on leash, though, but I also let her get close enough for the cat to know he could be caught). Others have learned their lesson when Mina treed them or fenced them (I didn't know they were out there). This cat seems a little more determined.

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