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70. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams (9/30/07) - In which we learn about time traveling and dodos and maybe a little bit about ourselves. But not really. We also learn to laugh, if we've never done it before.

71. The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul - Douglas Adams (10/8/07) - In which we learn Douglas Adams is funny, but not quite belly-splitting funny as his other books. But there are norse gods and scary refrigerators and penguins. It's hard to go wrong with that combination.

72. Black Rubber Dress - Lauren Henderson (10/13/07) - In which we learn that sculptors can apparently be ace-detectives and kick-ass in black rubber dresses. 

73. Passage - Connie Willis (10/20/07) - In which we try to learn about near death experiences. I rec'd this book - it's laborious and long but well-written and interesting. It's also sad. I feel it's important to warn you about that. 

I tried reading Alice Sebold's latest book, really I did. I adored The Lovely Bones but her newest is rather depressing. And not the depressing of her first book, but the kind of bitter sadness that makes you realize none of the characters have redeeming qualities to them. No thanks.

I'll be starting my next challenge soon. I'm looking forward to it. We'll see if I actually stick to it.
Tags: 70 books 2007, books
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