rinalia (rinalia) wrote,


Clannad for the win!

"Oh, I found the weird person!"

"I'm not weird so it must not be me."

*tugs on jacket*

"Please wait, weird person."

"It IS me, eh?"

"Naturally. You're so weird you're almost a unique species. One so rare that you may or may not meet one every ten years. I'm sure that's not an overstatement."

"Thank you very much."


As heard on Clannad. I can remember doing weird stuff like this with friends in high school (and more recently, maybe). Being seriously sarcastic is a gift, I think. :)

"Sunohara, you alive? It's after school already."

"Classes are over?"

"Yeah, about a hundred years ago."

"A hundred? Ha,ha,ha! Then you'd be dead."

"Yes. I'm a hologram."


"You've slept for a hundred years after being kicked by Tomoyo. This is a world a hundred years since then."

"What?!? Then what happened to the world?"

"It ended."

"Seriously?!?!? Father. Mother. I'm sorry I was an idiot to the very end."

Tags: anime, clannad, quotes
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