rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

raider nation and mina

I get a kick out of oakland raiders fans. Every now and then, I'll be on hwy 80 after a game and be like "whoa, there's a lot of black and silver flags, and wow, why is everyone wearing black shirts with a raider wearing a helmet?" The tailgaters are hardcore and a little scary, but I love them nonetheless, because they are enthusiastic and dorky (I don't tell THEM that, though).

Anyways, I've now learned my neighbors are part of the "raider nation". And only one of them is a guy - 8 women, 1 dude, two vans, five coolers, five or six boxes of beer, a grill and, I'm sure, something to put on that grill. 

The only reason I noticed all of this was because one yelled "OMG! Look at the doggie in the window!" Literally (except she said "OH MY GOD", not OMG!). I was all "WHERE!?!?!" Then I realized they were talking about Mina who was sitting on the window seat gazing at the spectale before her. They were all really enamored with the cute patchy-eyed pit bull. Who isn't, though? She IS the best "thing" since sliced bread. And chocolate. I know that's a stretch, but it's true - I'd take Mina over chocolate any day!

That is all.


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