rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

this is a true story

Once upon a time there was a pit bull named Mina.

Her human minion took her to the vet for the sheer thrill of torturing her and to spend $300 (but mainly on the evil muttskie of doom, Celeste).

At the vet, the pit bull named Mina kissed the vet tech. And the veterinarian. And some random UPS delivery guy. And the floor.

After all that kissing, the pit bull named Mina avoided eating ten people, three dogs, and one cat. She managed not to turn on her minion or even her evil muttskie of doom sister, Celeste.

After a hard day's work not robbing banks and going on rampages, the pit bull named Mina used her massive 50,000 psi jaw strength to not crush a moth. She left the crushing up to her evil muttskie sister of doom, Celeste, who excels in crushing insects, particularly cockroaches.

Immediately after the hard day's work of not massacring entire nations and obliterating species of insects, the pit bull named Mina gave her minion a kiss, curled up into a doughnut next to her evil muttskie of a sister, Celeste, and snored to her little pit bull heart's content.

This is a true story. The end.

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Tags: mina and celeste chronicles
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