rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

oh noes, dog attack!

Today, tragedy struck. Two dogs engaged in a massive free-for-all amazingly frightening DOG ATTACK. Both dogs were apprehended and their cases are pending. Neither are contrite.

Dangerous Dog #1, Version 1.5

Dangerous Dog #2, Version 7.0

(Please note how she flaunts her antibiotic-goopy ear while choosing to completely curl over her other ear)

A) Dangerous Dog #2, Version 7.0 is charged with showing off teeth without first doing a spinach check. Unacceptable.
B) Dangerous Dog #1, Version 1.5 is charged with refusing to look at the camera. Dangerous behavior.

C) Dangerous Dog #2, Version 7.0 is charged with
- C1) Furthering stereotypes about evil non-German Shepherd mixes who have similar colorations to German Shepherds.
- C2) Engaging in agonistic behavior WITHOUT a license (rabies tages don't count DD#2, V7.0!)
- C3) Attacking another Dangerous Dog with teeth and paws.
- C4) Not leaping properly with all four feet off the ground.
D) Dangerous Dog #1, Version 1.5 is charged with being out of focus.

E) Dangerous Dog #2, Version 7.0 is charged with
- E1) Frighteningly buggy eyes
- E2) Wearing a crazed look without proper signage

The Verdict?

Dangerous Dog #1, Version 1.5 is the best dog in the universe.
Dangerous Dog #2, Version 7.0 is guilty on all counts.

With love,

Miss Mina
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