rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

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Poll #1099130 Phone Call Question

When you see something obviously wrong, do you call the authorities?

Yes, who else will?
No, someone else will
I've always been the one to call the Sheriff's office when I see something wrong. People seem to believe that someone else will do it. If I'm around, I can be that someone.

There was a dude in a car with a totalled front end, flat tire and brown plumes of smoke coming out of his tail pipe trying to drive down the busy road in front of my apartment. I don't know how long he had been there, but I was apparently the first (possibly only) person to call the police (I know because they asked for a whole shitload of details they wouldn't have needed if others had called - I was all, damn straight I have the license plate, make, model and color! That's how I roll). 

It took ten minutes, but then every official official came to the rescue. Eight cop cars. One fire engine. One ambulance. Go Vacaville.

When the first officer on the scene asked the guy what he hit, the guy said, "Nothing." Well, buddy, that nothing sure kicked your car's ass! There was puke in the car and the guy was clearly out of it. Drunk much? They were debating whether to take him to the hospital or straight to jail. I kinda voted for the latter because drunk drivers ARE NOT love, but they didn't ask me. He went to the hospital. He can be arrested later.

Here's my message: If you see something suspicious, please be the one to call police. Never assume someone else will. Most people won't.
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